BOREALIS- 9.5"H, 5W”


Borealis: pertaining to the north or north wind; also short for aurora borealis.

This sculptural clear glass hanging ceiling light is designed and crafted to the highest standards. The form and the texture of the glass appear similar to a block of melting ice. The light dances off of the multifaceted surface of the glass casting a pattern on the walls reminiscent of aurora borealis.



The best quality UL listed components have been sourced for this design to ensure the light is efficient and up to building codes. Comes with a dimmable LED Edison bulb, 14" polished nickel metal stem with 3-wire, polished nickel without wire way canopy and bracket. No plug. Professional installation recommended. UL listed upon request.

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BOREALIS- 9.5"H, 5"W