In 1999 James was living in Boulder Colorado waiting on tables in a restaurant. During this time he accepted a part time apprenticeship in a glass studio. After six months James decided to make a significant commitment to glass and left the restaurant to work full-time in the glass studio. During his early years James attended classes at Pilchuck Glass School and Pittsburgh Glass Institute, where he studied under a number of artists including Cesare Toffolo, Robert Mickelson, and Emilio Santini.

After several years James decided to go deeper into glass and the creative arts and entered the BFA program in studio class at the California College of Arts from which he graduated in 2009. After college James settled in San Francisco joining Public Glass, a non-profit glass studio.

Some of James' notable engagements and activities in recent years include:
- Custom work for Charlotte Moss Interior Design
- Custom work for Leontine Linens and Jane Scott Hodges
-Assisted Shan Shan Sheng in her studio and installing art work that she made for her clients
-Exhibited in California Now 2015.  California Now is an annual show for notable creative artists in California exhibiting
- Exhibited his work at GOOGLE's Emerging Glass Artist Show in 2016. Both of these shows were juried.
-Designed and fabricated a flower vase that was the centerpiece for 36 tables at a Bone Marrow Foundation event to honor cancer survivors and supporters of the work of the foundation.
- His work has been shown on the website of Artful Home, in the ACCI Gallery, and in the catalogues of Monticello.

Flower Vase. Bone Marrow Foundation 7"H, 6"W. 2013

Flower Vase. Bone Marrow Foundation 7"H, 6"W. 2013

Monticello Promo.jpg

5.5"H, 11.5."W. Monticello Bowl. 2015

James has worked closely for more than 5 years with Nate Watson, the manager of Public Glass. They have collaborated on a number of design projects and helped to build the Light A Spark Program. The Light A Spark program teaches youth to work with glass  and learning self expression through the exploration of their artistic voices.

Currently James lives, teaches, and makes his work in San Francisco. To get James's CV or more information, please go to Contact Page.